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Children Welcome Destination

We are specialists in designing bespoke luxury honeymoons around the world.

‘Family Friendly’ does not have to mean ‘holiday camps for families’ with cafeteria-style dining. If you have been used to staying in 4 or 5 star hotels when travelling as a couple why should it be assumed that you are willing to drop your standards just because you now have children in tow. Fortunately there are upmarket hotels out there who are not frightened that your little treasure will be pouring sand into someone’s Gucci beach bag. The hotels we have chosen don’t necessarily have a full on kid’s club (although many do) but all give a positive welcome to children. Space doesn’t permit us to list all the facilities available at each one, so please contact us for more information. And if you are looking for a bit of adventure, depending on age, they could learn to scuba dive, go on safaris, or trek for orang u tans in the Borneo jungle.

our Children Welcome destinations.

Below are the current destinations we offer in Children Welcome, for more details simply make a choice from the list below…

The Residence, Mauritius

Luxurious accommodation, impeccable service and a wonderful setting are just some of the reasons to visit The Residence in Mauritius.

GK Beach Hotel, Crete

The only thing that lies between the startling white-washed buildings of the GK Beach Hotel and the fine white sand are lush green lawns and the surrounding tropical gardens.

St Nicolas Bay Resort Hotel & Villas, Crete

Privately owned and relatively small, the St. Nicolas Bay Resort Hotel & Villas offers luxury, fine food, and attentive service in a beachfront setting on a picturesque peninsula.